What are Ghost Graphics?

With Halloween just around the corner, I would love to share the term, “Ghost Graphics” when referring to reflective graphics. “Ghost Graphics” is not a new type of reflective vinyl but is a clever use of standard reflective vinyl, which is being used by Police Departments as they are working skillfully to catch a speeder […]

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When Thermal Die Cutting is Preferred over Computer Cutting

Flambeau Valley Insurance Sign Wisconsin Screen Process and The Sign Shoppe

Unlike steel rule die cutting, computer plotter cutting is quite similar to thermal die cutting due to the substrates they cut. Whether the method used is thermal die cutting or computer plotter cutting, the vinyl decals produced create a great form of advertising. Being cut to precise specifications, vinyl cut decals give the appearance as […]

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Lord of the Files

Raster Versus Vector - Wisconsin Screen Process

As a graphic designer for a printing company, nearly every day on the job I get asked, “What kind of file should I send you for my order?” Understandably, artwork files can be pretty overwhelming since there are so many varieties.  But basically all those files pretty much boil down into two categories, raster and […]

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