Electric Company and Co-Op Sign Printing

Co-Op signage printing

Utility pole and other useful signage printed by WISPI

Who: Electric Companies and Co-ops

What: Graphics that every electric company and co-op needs:

  • Utility Pole Signs – High-quality, durable and affordable utility pole signage that is easily attached on a temporary or permanent basis. We provide a 7” x 10” white aluminum rounded corner piece with black and orange printing that can be easily attached with nails, screws or rivets. Company logos and contact information can also be printed on the sign to help with reporting any issues.
  • Aluminum Signs/Labels – Signs made from a blank stock of aluminum that varies in thickness, color and size. Used as placement for sectionalizing points, two-way feeds, deep ground and sub-station awareness. We design and print or laminate vinyl over the material to customize the end product to your unique specifications.
  • Temporary/Reusable Signs – Sign wrap banner material comes in a variety of colors with grommeted corners, allowing a temporary sign to be applied to a utility pole to warn bystanders of a faulty pole or identify one that is being worked on.
  • Reflective Decals – Reflective vinyl decals are highly effective any time of day or night to grab anyone’s attention. Reflective products adhere to many substrates and are heavy-duty and able to provide high visibility regardless of time or weather conditions.
  • Vehicle Graphics – Wrap your vehicle or install component graphics using reflective vinyl to enhance their effectiveness after dark or in severe weather.

Where: Utility pole signs are used to support overhead power lines or other public utilities, including cable, fiber optic cable, transformers and streetlights all over the country.

When: Have some of your warning and hazard signs become word jumbles and puzzles of missing letters due to the cracking and fading caused by the elements of Wisconsin’s four seasons? When your pole signs get cracked, faded and chipped – it’s time to get new, high quality signs. The WISPI team is focused on continuously improving our products for our customers, which is why we now use a premium clear coat that offers eight years of outdoor durability.

Why: Utility poles require safety decals to inform bystanders of its potential hazards, to reduce liability risks and support overall safety. Our high-quality graphics and printing cover all of those goals. Our safety signs inform the public of potential hazards and comply with the American National Standards Institute guidelines.

The WISPI team appreciates working with electric companies and cooperatives. You’re there to serve our communities no matter the time and situation. And we believe we owe it to you to continually improve our products and services to provide you with graphics and decals with an outstanding look and finish, rugged durability, and low-cost options.

How: Call us to see how we can help design high-quality graphics and decals for your company at a price you can afford.