Letter Height Visibility Chart

Questions about the sizing of words on your sign? Check out our letter height visibility chart to get started.

Capital Letter Height 5/8in 3/4in 7/8in 1in 1 1/4in 1 1/2in 1 3/4in 2in
Maximum Reading Distance 15ft 18ft 21ft 24ft 30ft 36ft 42ft 48ft
Capital Letter Height 2 1/2in 3in 4in 6in 8in 10in 12in 15in
Optimum Reading Distance 25ft 30ft 40ft 60ft 80ft 100ft 120ft 150ft
Maximum Reading Distance 60ft 100ft 150ft 200ft 350ft 450ft 525ft 630ft
Capital Letter Height 18in 24in 30in 36in 42in 48in 54in 60in
Optimum Reading Distance 180ft 240ft 300ft 360ft 420ft 480ft 540ft 600ft
Maximum Reading Distance 750ft 1000ft 1250ft 1500ft 1750ft 2000ft 2250ft 2500ft

*Please note that the above table is for assistance purposes only.
Effective reading distances can be undesirably affected by an arrangement of factors, such as:


  • Colors used
  • Contrast between text and background
  • Line spacing
  • Negative space (blank area around text)


  • Letter heights
  • Decorative fonts, italics, serifs,
  • Very light or very bold weights.
  • Uppercase, lower case or capitalization
  • Kerning (distance between characters)

Sign condition and environment

  • Dirt or marks on the sign
  • Fog, smoke or airborne dust
  • Bent, broken or cracked signage
  • Alterations and oversticking

Sign location and lighting conditions

  • Viewing angles (horizontal & vertical)
  • Levels of illumination
  • Glare and back lighting