Bill Hailey Retires: Celebrating 30 Years of Screen Printing

Bill Hailey Retires After 30 Years of Screen Printing

If anything is constant, in business and in life, it’s change.

Change simply comes with the territory. Being open to new ideas and adapting in order to better meet our customers’ needs is something that we pride ourselves on at Wisconsin Screen Process (WISPI). For over 30 years, Screen Printer Bill Hailey has done just that.

For three decades, Bill set up print runs, ensured press efficiency, and confirmed our high-quality standards were met with his sharp attention to detail.

On Bill’s final day with us, we celebrated by holding a retirement party to share stories and congratulate one of the finest workers we’ve ever had the pleasure of employing. It was great to take some time and reflect on his tenure with us at WISPI.

“I’ve worked with Bill Hailey for 20 years, and I can tell you that he has always been a dedicated employee and true family man. I have really enjoyed working with him over the years and wish him the best in retirement.” – Barry Centell, Production Technician

How did you first get into the screen printing field? 

Bill: Well, I actually started at Wisconsin Screen Process back in 1987. I had been working for a company for 14½ years prior to that, but it closed down, so I was looking for new opportunities. I caught on at another company within the industry for six months, until I learned of an opening here. You could say the rest is history.

What does it mean to you to have put in over 30 years with us, Bill?

Bill: I’ve gained so much experience in a really unique field. It’s the kind of career where the more you put into it, the more you get back from it. I’ve had the chance to work my way up to the supervisor level and learn multiple areas of the production floor. We have such a great team atmosphere, so our people are well-trained, knowledgeable, and willing to help each other out.

Bill Hailey with a coworker at Wisconsin Screen Process

Looking back at your time with WISPI, what was your favorite thing about working here?

Bill: I think for me it’s been a few things. First, just all of the great people I’ve had the chance to be around and learn from. I really couldn’t have asked for better coworkers during my time here. Everything kind of fell into place for me. When Nico Meiland came in 2004, he really brought us up to speed with modernizing our equipment and improving our efficiency standards. I’ve seen a lot of improvements since I first started at WISPI.

What other improvements have you seen over the years?

Bill: For starters, some of the machines have changed a lot with the advancements in technology and introduction of computer graphics. We didn’t have any of that in the early days. And like I said, Nico [Meiland] really updated our facilities and working conditions. For the size of our company, we have really adjusted well to the changes in the industry, and our team is really high-performing.

For those looking to enter the industry, what advice would you pass onto them?

Bill: The number one thing I would say is that the work is very, very detailed. Everything has to be perfect. There is really no margin for error, so you have to pay attention to all the little things in order to produce a flawless piece for the customer. I’d also tell them to come to work ready to give it their all because everyone at WISPI gives 110%.

So – most importantly – what are your plans for retirement?

Bill: Well, my wife has a “honey-do” list that’s longer than State Street, so I’ll definitely be busy getting some things taken care of around the house. Other than that, I’ve always enjoyed fishing but have kind of gotten away from it, so I think I’ll spend some time with a pole. I also have three grandkids I love spending time with, so I’ll be going to sports games and violin recitals. Sitting back in my chair and getting the grill going sounds pretty good too!

Any final thoughts as we say goodbye?

Bill: I sure will miss this place, but I’ll be back! I was asked if I’d be willing to fill in or help out at WISPI when things ramp up, and I (of course) said yes. I’ve put a lot into this job, and it feels good to know they still want me around – even in a small role.

Wishing Bill Hailey A Happy Retirement!

Wishing Bill Hailey A Happy Retirement!

We’ll truly miss you around this place too, Bill! From all of us at WISPI – thank you so much for your dedicated work during your time with us. Your leadership and work ethic has been outstanding, and we wish you some well-deserved rest and relaxation.

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