Branding is Merely “Judging a Book by Its Cover”

wisconsin-screen process signage in racine

Recently we were presented with a pretty typical request of designing a new outdoor sign for a local business. But what wasn’t so typical about this request was that it ended up being a perfect example of how a design can affect the way a customer sees your business.

For the outdoor sign project, one of the business owners wanted the sign to have a dynamic look that used a large gradient over the entire sign. The other owner was concerned that this design wouldn’t blend well with the look of the building. He thought the sign should have a simpler look and use colors from the building to give the company a traditional and trustworthy appearance. Both sign designs looked good, but it came down to the owners choosing what they wanted their brand to represent – dynamic and modern or trustworthy and traditional. Ultimately they went with the simpler design.

We know that it is wrong to “judge a book by its cover”, but the reality is we do. And we do it a lot. The choices you make everyday in how you present yourself can affect your relationships and the assumptions that others make about you. The clothes you wear, your hairstyle and even the way you talk; all put together it becomes your image– your personal “brand”. A company’s brand works in a similar way. Brand design can evoke different feelings and emotions that cause us to draw certain conclusions about a company. It is up to the designers involved to make sure the brand they are portraying coincides with the ideas they want to represent. From font selection to colors to layouts, the choices you make can affect how your brand is viewed. If the design is done effectively and consistently, your brand will clearly show people what your business is about.

If your company is looking at new vehicle graphics for the company car or, like our client, a new sign, it is important to think about the ideas and emotions you want to portray. Start by coming up with a simple list of words that you feel fit your company (i.e. modern, fun, quirky) and we can help you build from those concepts to create the graphics that will best represent your brand.