Custom Decals at Improved Price Point and Installation

Custom Decals for wire cutting machines

Our goal at Wisconsin Screen Process Inc. is to work with our clients to produce the best possible custom decals for their specific applications.

Artos Engineering Company manufactures high quality equipment for cutting, stripping and crimping wire. It is very important their branding matches the quality of their equipment.

We recently began work on creating warning labels and branding enhancement decals to ensure that the presentation of their machines projected the same image.

Initially the company was interested in printing on a polycarbonate with a transfer adhesive because those materials present with a first-rate look that would showcase their brand well.

After consulting with Artos about the installation and application of the products they were looking for, our experienced team advised that different materials may be better for the job.

Discovering a Better Option

Custom Decals for manufacturing equipment “The polycarbonate looked really nice, but it was very difficult to apply due to the shape of the guard,” WISPI Sales Director Kevin Smith said.

For safety purposes, many wire-processing machines possess plexiglass shielding to protect the user from potentially harmful situations. These safety features, as well as the design of the machines themselves lead to many different surface contours.

Our team proposed using a 3M vinyl that is made to conform to curves, corrugations, concave surfaces, and rivets.

“Not only did the different material make installation much easier and prevent bubbles in the final product, but it was also less expensive since it was only a two-step printing process as opposed to three. It also eliminated the material and labor costs related to the transfer adhesive and lamination process,” Smith said.

Our clients are important to us, and our experienced team works hard to save them time and money by educating them on different products and materials available for their specific application needs.

“We’ve enjoyed working with Artos since 1992. They are a great partner and we appreciate their business very much,” Smith said.

If you need high-quality graphics, design, and installation for your business, and want to know what type of options you have for your specific needs, contact us about how we can help.

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