Custom graphics elevate look, tone of social distancing signs

Social Distancing Signage

Adapting to so many changes over the last several months has been quite the roller-coaster ride. And with more changes likely coming, you need to be clear with the messages you want your customers and employees to receive regarding social distancing and traffic flows in your facility.

Custom Social Distancing signsWhen employees, business partners, customers or guests visit your place of business will they need to follow specific traffic patterns? How about if they need to sign in and receive a guest pass? Will they need guidance on how far apart they should stand from one another? Or where to sit in the lunchroom?

Will they need reminders to wash their hands, use sanitizer, or will your establishment require them to wear a mask upon entry?

With so many directions and changing rules regarding how we interact with each other, chances are your business will need signage that is clear, concise and printed on materials that will hold up.

Customized social distancing signsAs a certified 3M partner, we at WISPI have products, suggestions and the design team that can help you. Not only can we handle the printing, but we can also provide creative designs that will convey your messages in a way that is eye catching and fitting to your business.

Our WISPI team looks forward to working with you to design and create customized branded graphics that last. Our goal is to make your signs stand out and look more professional than generic signs through our 3M printing process and products.