Customers looking for quality get peace of mind with 3M Certification

#m Certified Printing by WISPI

When you want the best for your brand, a warranty on all of your digital printing projects that goes above and beyond will give you peace of mind. That’s why our team at Wisconsin Screen Process Inc. recently applied for and received a new certification from 3M. Our goal is to provide you with the best quality process and materials for manufacturing and installing your digitally printed products and all of that is now backed by a 3M warranty that is the Gold Standard in the business.

What is 3M MCS?

The 3M MCS Certification means that all of our 3M digitally printed products are covered by 3M’s MCS Warranty.

3M MCS Warranty covers:

  • Outdoor graphic failures like fading, cracking or peeling
  • Issues caused by manufacturing
  • Adhesive defects
  • Ink defects

What does this certification mean?

WISPI Offers high quality, #M certified printingBy getting 3M MCS Certified, it verifies that we are using all 3M products for digitally printed projects and all of the products are protected by the 3M MCS Warranty.

“An auditor came in and inspected our digital printer and production practices to make sure we were using 3M certified materials and inks all the way through the process, even during application,” WISPI Production Manager Jim Gavigan said.

We were already using 3M products from start to finish, so that process hasn’t changed. We’re also documenting lot numbers of all of the products so we can trace those individual components back to where they came from, if there is a warranty issue.

Customers expect the best

We’ve had customers ask about the 3M MCS Warranty because they know it’s the best in the business. Now that we’ve been certified with 3M for a process we were largely already doing, our quality products and processes can be backed by the 3M warranty, which tells our customers that the product they are buying will be quality and if it’s not, it’ll be replaced.

“This certification gives our customers peace of mind that we are adhering to the 3M standards they are looking for,” Senior Graphic Designer Sarah Savagian said.

Products covered by 3M Warranty

We offer a lot of products and services at WISPI, and this warranty doesn’t mean we’ll only be working with 3M products. It means that when we do, our customers can be guaranteed that we are following 3M brand expectations and that their product will be covered by the extensive 3M MCS Warranty.

“We are currently certified 3M MCS for digital printing, and we’re looking into getting certified for screen printing as well,” WISPI Sales Director Kevin Smith said.

If you want to know what types of digital printing projects that come with the 3M MCS Warranty we can do for your business, contact us.

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