Customize your business walls

Wall Graphics can be created for many applications

Wall graphics can say or show anything you want!

Set the tone of a business interaction with an inspirational quote or mission statement your customers see when they enter your business. Inspire a team with milestone or celebratory images along a hallway or stairwell. Or create an impactful mural indoors or outdoors to withstand the elements of even a Wisconsin winter! These ideas and almost any other you and your team can think of can be turned into a Wall Graphic by Wisconsin Screen Process, Inc.

Our staff at WISPI have been helping your business get attention since 1970. We have experience in creating graphics for a multitude of uses. “If it’s a flat surface, we can print on it,” said Kevin Smith, WISPI sales director.

WISPI created wall graphics for MerakiWhy create a Wall Graphic?

  • Showcase your product(s)
  • Convey a message to customers or staff
  • Promote awareness
  • Display or enhance your corporate or business image

A quick list of wall graphics WISPI has created and installed: sides of buildings both indoor and outdoor, construction sites, stadiums, office windows and doors, board and conference rooms, reception areas, murals across many panels, medical offices, utility and co-operative buildings, locker rooms, and more!

If your company has a special guest coming to town, welcome them with a temporary message on your wall. Wall graphics can be printed on material made for easy removal that will not damage your wall or other surfaces. Wall graphics can be cut to any shape outline, so no matter how intricate your business logo may be, we can cut it to represent your image.

How do I get started on a Wall Graphic?

Determine the size of the area where the graphic will be placed. WISPI staff will need the height and width of the area. If the surface the graphic will be applied to is smooth, like metal, glass, drywall or a finished floor, we can apply the printed vinyl directly to the surface. If your area is textured, like a stone wall, rough wood or brick, we attach the printed vinyl to sintra, plexiglass or glass, which is then mounted to your surface. This also serves to give your wall graphic a 3D look!

Next, determine how long you would like the wall graphic to last? If your business or team won an award or was recognized for a special achievement, we can create graphics that last a few months. If you want your business name installed on the door of your permanent building, we can install wall graphics that last outdoors for years. We add a laminate layer to our outdoor or heavy traffic graphics (e.g., wall of busy reception area) that protects against fading from the sun, scratches and minor vandalism.

Want your wall graphic to shine and catch the light? We can make it glossy. Want a subtle look for your wall graphic? We can make it matte. Any color – be it neon, pearly or metallic – we can create it.

We help with artwork…

Our incredibly talented graphic design team will help you create a wall graphic that shows or conveys the image and feeling you want. We will meet with you, and work with you through the creation of your wall graphic.


There are two options for installation…you can DIY on smaller projects. Click here for step-by-step instructions.

Or, for larger projects, or wall graphics on rough surfaces, our professional installation team will install your wall graphic.

As our WISPI staff works with you on your wall graphic project, we will talk about the installation process and any costs associated. For large graphics, or mural installation, we strongly recommend letting our professional installers do the job. That way we can also ensure the graphics are properly installed to withstand the elements and people traffic.

What will a wall graphic cost our business?

Each wall graphic is custom created just for you. Size, how long you want the graphic to last, wall surface for application, and complexity of design will all be variables in the cost of your wall graphic.

To give you a rough idea, here are two project examples and their estimated cost:

1 line of copy (a quote or business name), 4 feet wide by 1 foot high, on pigmented stock vinyl, with you installing: $60

Wall mural with 3, 4-foot by 8-foot panels: $1,000 plus cost of installation (cost depends on time and materials needed for install)

How long will it take?

Creating your custom wall graphic can take anywhere from 3 days (with priority pricing and shop availability) to an average of 10 working days. If you need artwork created by our graphic design team, the process could take a bit longer.

Contact our sales team today to create a lasting (or temporary) custom made wall graphic that helps showcase your group or business brand!


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