Decal kits keep COVID-19 graphics on-brand, consistent, accessible

social distancing graphics

Now that we’ve been dealing with COVID-19 restrictions for most of 2020, we’ve all seen them – the same smudged, faded and peeling at the edges social distancing, handwashing and mask signs everywhere.

The way your business space or production floor looks should be a positive representation of your brand – and these generic worn-out signs are anything but positive. Our WISPI graphic design team can work with you to create COVID-19 signage that not only looks on brand and professional but will also stand the test of time.

Types of COVID-19 graphics

Every business needs social distancing graphics right now. Whether you need to remind employees or customers to maintain safe social distancing or you want to mark out what a safe social distance is with graphics every six feet – we can create branded signs and graphics that can be applied directly to any wall, floor or rigid substrate.

Your business also might need floor decals that denote one-way traffic down aisles or signs and decals educating on proper use of PPE for different job areas. Decals can also be applied to mirrors in restrooms to remind people proper handwashing techniques.

We can also produce graphics for windows or countertops with COVID-19 or personal safety messages, and large or small banners that can be hung to help designate certain areas or display safety reminders.

“Our design team can create decals or signs that follow a customer’s brand standards and offer creative ideas to customize the graphics,” WISPI Senior Graphic Designer Sarah Savagian said. “By having us produce all the graphics, we can ensure consistency of graphics that are sent to multiple locations and that are run multiple times.”

Decal kits keep all locations on brand

covid-19 social distancing graphic kits

But designing branded signs and decals is just the first step of being prepared for how you’ll be doing business going forward.

Do you have multiple locations? Are you looking to expand in the future? Do you reorganize your store or manufacturing space regularly? Do your floor graphics get a lot of rough traffic?

If you fit into any of the above scenarios and assuming business as usual will be changed for the foreseeable future, then you’re going to need more than one set of the COVID-19 graphics we design together. But instead of having to call us every time you need a new set and going through all the individual pieces, let’s put together decal kits so you can get exactly what you need, when you need it.

What are decal kits?

A decal kit is a single package shipped to you that includes a number of different graphics or decals that are needed for different purposes (such as social distancing) or different surfaces or products (like a manufacturing floor or in an office space, or on a vehicle or piece of machinery).

“Decal kits can be completely customized and as detailed as a customer needs,” Savagian said.

By working with our team at WISPI, we offer suggestions and expertise on where and what type of decals and graphics will be effective. “Our team brings in an outside perspective when building decal kits with clients, so we’re able to provide graphics for all areas, including some the customer may not have thought of,” Savagian said.

Decal kits help make sure you get the exact branding and safety decals you need every time you need them.

Extra benefits of decal kits

Once a decal kit is produced and organized, they can be stored at WISPI’s temperature-controlled facility until you need one, and then shipped out as needed.

Another benefit of the decal kits is how easy they are to order. “Decal kits have one part number so when you’re ordering it’s much easier,” Savagian said.

Decal kits also eliminate the need for you to manage any graphic or decal inventory in-house.

Get started on your branded graphics and decals for your custom decal kits by calling us at 262-639-0990 or emailing us at Our team will help you figure out what options will work best for your needs.