Top 4 Graphics and Printing Services for Electric Companies & Co-ops

Graphics and Printing Services for Electric Companies and Cooperatives

Where would we be without electricity? The better question might be…where would we be without the electric companies and cooperatives that serve our urban and rural communities and supply electricity to our homes and businesses?

When the power goes out, they respond – day and night and regardless of weather conditions. As you can imagine, safety is paramount, and these companies work tirelessly to educate employees and consumers on the inherent dangers of electricity.

4 Graphics Services Every Electric Company & Co-op Needs 

At WISPI, we provide quality graphics and printing services to identify hazards, reduce liability risks, and support the overall safety goals of these unsung heroes. 

1) Utility Pole Signage

HAZARDOUS – HIGH VOLTAGE. Supporting overhead power lines, as well as many other public utilities, electrical poles require safety signage to inform the public of the potential hazards, according to a distinct set of standards.

We offer high-quality, durable, and affordable utility pole signage at WISPI. Utilizing our efficient methods, we utilize a punch press to cut the shape and holes simultaneously. This grants you the ability to easily attach the signs to poles on a temporary or permanent basis. 

2) Aluminum Signs/Labels

DANGER – DO NOT ENTER. There are many applications for aluminum signage/labeling for electric companies and co-ops, such as placement for…

  • Sectionalizing points
  • Two-way Feeds
  • Deep Ground
  • Sub-station awareness

Starting with a blank stock of aluminum that varies in thickness, color, and size, we design and print or laminate vinyl over the material to customize the end product to your unique specifications.

3) Reflective Decals

UNDERGROUND POWER CABLES. OUTAGE PROCEDURES. EMERGENCY SHUTOFF. Reflective vinyl decals are highly effective – day or night – with the sole purpose of grabbing attention.

These versatile decals look perfectly normal during the daytime hours yet give off a glow-in-the-dark appearance when illuminated at night, so they are easily noticed.

Employing varieties of reflective vinyl, WISPI can provide graphics and printing services in several ways, including:

Our reflective products adhere well to many substrates and are heavy-duty and able to provide high visibility regardless of time or weather conditions.

4) Vehicle Graphics

REFLECTIVE LOGOS, STRIPING, OR VEHICLE WRAPS. Offering many unique advantages, including mobile visibility and outstanding stopping power, vehicle graphics and equipment wraps provide a range of benefits for utility providers.

The WISPI team can wrap your vehicle or produce component graphics using reflective vinyl to enhance their effectiveness after dark and in severe weather.

We also offer conspicuity striping for an array of vehicles and reflective roll striping to apply to the sides and back of each of your company-owned cars or trucks.

With your logo and tagline in place, our graphics team can add custom copy to fit the specific vehicle’s exacting standards, before printing and cutting the material.

Need vehicle graphics shipped and installed? No problem. We offer inventory release programs to ship and bill upon request and send out 3M Certified installers, if required.

Providing “Electric” Graphics and Printing Services

At WISPI, we appreciate working with electric companies and cooperatives. Thank you for being there to serve our communities no matter the time or situation.

In response, we owe it to you (our customer) to continually improve our products and services. We are always looking for ways to enhance our materials and production methods.

By working with WISPI, you reap these benefits through outstanding look and finish, rugged durability, and low-cost solutions.

One client recently remarked:

“It has been a pleasure working with Wisconsin Screen Process. We receive great customer service and follow up, they are always available to meet and discuss items we need, and the products delivered are top-notch!

For example, awhile back I had a special project that needed a larger than normal logo for one of our trucks. WISPI pulled through with flying colors and even set up a professional installation for me. I was very pleased with the final look of that project.”

– Jason Hernandez, Peace River Electric Cooperative, Inc.

In Need of Graphic Design or Printing Support?

As a high-quality, full-service graphics provider, Wisconsin Screen Process can assist you from the very beginning stages to the completion of your design/printing project.

Feel free to feel free to request a quote today or give us a call at 262.639.0990.

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