Could an Inventory Release Program Save You Money?

Inventory Release Programs at WISPI


It feels good to save money – especially when you’re buying in large quantities or looking to cut costs. In business, we are all looking for ways to accomplish this.

The difficult side of saving money is deciding when, where, and how to do it. As a full-service commercial printing company, we recommend our customers take advantage of an inventory release program to make things a bit easier.

What is an Inventory Release Program?

When a new order comes in that features a large number of Estimated Annual Units (EAU), we often suggest an inventory release program.

These beneficial discount systems allow you to place a long-standing order, have it produced, receive an initial quantity, and simply request additional quantities to be shipped to your company’s door on an as needed basis. 

WISPI’s Discount Programs

Our versatile inventory release programs for large quantity orders can easily be utilized for any of the quality products we offer, whether you’re in need of…

WISPI’s skilled team can produce and store your graphics inventory until requested and then ship and bill per release for a fast, easy, and convenient ordering experience.

Need a custom part or vehicle ID number? This is no problem at all. We fulfill these types of orders for our customers all the time. 

What Are the Main Advantages?

  • Cost Savings: Since these programs involve bulk ordering, the per unit cost is naturally much lower than that of smaller quantity orders. The real savings, however, comes from making one large purchase rather than several smaller orders required to meet the same graphics fulfillment needs.
  • Quick Turnaround Times: Once the order is placed, the WISPI team is able to produce the requested products, ship it directly to your location, and bill it out within a 24-hour time period – even if customization is needed.
  • Responsive Customer Service: Not only does an inventory release program cut marketing cost, it also allows you to simply call one morning and have your order arrive in up to one full business day. At WISPI, we even keep track of when your supply is getting low and will notify you when the time comes. That’s one less task off your plate.

Snap-On Liners - Inventory Release Program “Our combination of price and service is truly unique. We put our customers first at WISPI by listening closely to their needs in order to serve them better. Because of this, we’ve built a strong reputation as a quality vendor. We have had multiple customers that used to work with much larger graphics providers but have switched to us because of our exceptional service.” – Liz Tanner, WISPI Manager of Inside Sales & Accounting

Interested in Saving Money on Bulk Graphics?

Wisconsin Screen Process is a quality, full-service commercial printer of custom brand graphics, decals, and signs for a versatile range of applications.

We’ve worked with many large equipment manufacturers, electric companies, municipalities, and others to provide superior printing services that illustrate your brand’s value to your customers.

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