Make a statement, promote an event with a temporary yard sign

Yard Signs produced by WISPI

Politics can be a polarizing topic, but the one thing all of us can agree on is that political yard signs are definitely eye-catchers. No matter what party you prefer or which candidate you’re voting for, we can all say that we’ve noticed a political yard sign and taken note of what it says at least once during election cycles. And the best way to make sure a political yard sign is effective in getting a candidate’s name out there is to make it noticeable, easy to read and durable

And what about event signs? We’re all cooped up at home right now during the COVID-19 situation, but once things get back to normal everyone will want to get out of the house, attend events and meet up with friends again. That’s where a yard sign for your event this fall or late this summer will help get the word out when everyone is excited to be out and about again.

Our WISPI team can help you design and plan the most eye-catching signs for your needs with our ability to locally print high-quality political or event signs in many colors, materials and sizes.

Temporary signs can be screen printed or digitally printed depending on the design you’re looking for. Screen printing would work best for political signs because it allows us to print thousands of signs in any color. But if you’re looking for something with more imagery to represent your event, we can digitally print any image onto signs as well.

Ins and outs of temporary yard signs

political yard signs by WISPIThese temporary yard signs are not only effective because they can be placed anywhere you can get permission to stick them in some dirt, but they’re also effective because they can be printed on both sides – making sure they can be viewed from both directions of traffic.

There are also different options when it comes to how sturdy the signs are and how durable the materials are, which means there’s an option for every project and every budget. If you’re looking for a sign you can use year after year, we have heavier duty stakes that are more durable, but if you’re looking for something that is less expensive and effective for short-term use, we have lightweight stakes.

As for the materials of the sign itself, there are several options. We offer a lightweight corrugated plastic that is easily made and available in many colors. The corrugated material, called Coroplast, is fluted and works great with stakes that can be pressed into a yard or field. We also offer a more rigid product, called Sintra, that can be printed on and used for signs that will be attached to a wall or building. Both of these types of signs can be cut into a variety of shapes and sizes.

If you’re looking for something that’s more permanent or that you can reuse every year, printing on something called Alumalite, which is two pieces of aluminum with corrugated plastic in the middle, would be your best option. This type of sign is light weight, extremely durable and can be used for yard signs or wall and building signs. Metal signs are even more durable than Alumalite signs and can also be printed for long term signs.

Our team is ready to help you design and print signs to perfectly match your message or event, your budget, and how long your message needs to be displayed.

Short runs of political signs

We also work with organizations that are looking to get small quantities of cost-effective signs printed locally. We have several digital printers that can print signs in a lower quantity. We can use any of the materials we’d use for regular digitally printed signs and then laminate a short- or long-term printed vinyl image or message to the surface. These signs can have different text colors and images. If getting the most durability out of these signs is important, we can also laminate a clear protective vinyl or polyester to the sign. Just like the digitally printed signs, the laminated signs can be installed with the long- or short-term stakes.

And if you really want to get the word out about a political candidate or upcoming event, you can work with our design and printing teams to get banners or magnetic signs for vehicles printed. Our WISPI team is ready to help you stay involved in the political discussion or promote an upcoming event when everyone is excited to get back to life as normal after all of this social distancing. Until then, give us a call and we can start planning these projects over the phone.