Out of the Box Screen-Printing Requests Don’t Scare Us

Custom Screen printing for OEM

Screen-printing for your custom needs

Let’s face it…there are a lot of products out there and the best way to make yours stand out is to brand your packaging. Be honest…who’s bought anything based on the label? (*slowly raises hand*) What if you saw a screen-printed label or packaging? That would catch your attention!

Our team at WISPI knows how important branding is to your company and products. That’s why when you come up with an awesome branding design that uses unconventional materials, we’ll work with you to get the job done. Most print shops shy away from direct screen printing on materials like glass, metal parts, wood panels or even corrugated plastic…but WISPI doesn’t.

custom screen printing for OEMsSure, we direct screen print on all of the standard materials – vinyl, plastic – but we also work with clients who have unique screen-printing requests to come up with a plan to execute their branding vision.

“We understand that not all projects are simple, and we love the challenge that our competition will shy away from,” said Sarah Savagian, WISPI Senior Graphic Designer.

When our team first looks at any printing project, we consider time, materials and how to mitigate any possible mistakes before our first test run.

“Working out the process up front saves our customers time and money – making WISPI the ideal choice for unique situations,” Savagian said.

What have we printed?

The WISPI team has come up with direct screen-printing solutions to print on multilevel plastic parts, formed metal pieces, corrugated plastic and wooden drawer fronts – and those are just some of our most memorable projects.

Custom screen printing“We even created a special jig to print a flux material on small metal pieces that a customer requested,” Savagian said.

Our team loves getting unique requests from customers and being able to come up with a printing process that’s specific to their request, and gets the job done and done well.

“It feels great to find the winning solution after many trials,” Savagian said.

One of those projects that took our team some extra planning and thinking time was a customer’s request to direct screen print on an airplane dashboard.

Think about that – it’s large, bulky, has a very unique design and very specific requirements, but there are also not very many of them so there had to be a lot of trial and no error because they’re not making hundreds of airplane dashes every week to be printed on.

“The trickiest part is making sure everything is lined up. I really take my time with that part of the process,” said Barry Centell, WISPI Press Operator and Applicator.

Unique Design and Printing Process

The design process for a smooth, flat and square surface is much different than the design process for a material that has a lot of contours and edges where we need to avoid printing any vital information.

When we move onto the printing stage, printers have to be very careful when handling a customer’s supplied materials because the parts can be very costly to replace.

“Printers carefully double check the positioning of the printed areas before proceeding with production,” Savagian said.

If at any point in the design or printing process our team does not feel like they can produce a top-quality piece, they will pause production to make changes to get things right.

Do you have a unique screen-printing request or unique materials that require care and precision screen printing but haven’t found the right company to get the job done? We don’t have any specific minimum or maximum order quantities so give us a call for your screen printing projects.