Safety decals can only get the job done if they don’t fade, chip or crack

Utility pole signs


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We know what you’re thinking. Did someone lean on the keyboard and forget to delete it? Well it’s supposed to be the text from important signage to notify you that there are potential hazards – there aren’t potential hazards in the rest of this article unless you consider the hazards that might be possible if you don’t know how to prevent your safety decals from becoming unreadable.

You’ve probably seen the pop of orange on safety signs many times, but a lot of times some of the warning or safety message is worn off and unreadable. These safety decals are required to be on every utility pole and in the Midwest we know that means they’ll be out in the heat, rain, sun, wind, snow and every combination of all of those things (And probably all in the same week. You know we’re not wrong!). That’s why a lot of times when you see these safety decals in the wild they’re cracked, faded and chipping.

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Pole signs not only provide an important safety warning, but they’re also used to mark each pole to track inspections, which means they’re very important dual purpose signs. That’s why our team at Wisconsin Screen Process, Inc. has improved the quality of the pole signs we produce. With our focus on continuous improvement of our products for our customers, we now use a premium clear coat that offers eight years of outdoor durability.

In addition to the upgrades in pole signs, we are also improving the quality of our hazard decals buy utilizing clear coats and laminate to enhance durability for outdoor applications.

We offer artwork and construction of safety and hazard decals that comply with the American National Standards Institute.

We have significant experience designing and making 7 inch x 10 inch white aluminum signs for utility poles as well as, permanent, temporary and reusable warning decals in a variety of colors. Once the design is in place and safety hazards have been identified, we can add your company logo and contact information to help with reporting any issues.

Click here for more information on Utility Pole decal options we offer. Call us to see how we can help design these high-quality decals for your company at a price you can afford.