The Visuals of Event Promotion

event promotion signage

Well-designed and branded signs can do more than promote your event

Hey! Yeah you…we have a question for you. When you’re driving around, what types of event promotion signs catch your attention? Are they signs that try to start a conversation like how we got you to start reading? Are they full of flashy colors or have strong graphics? Are they informational, mobile or interactive?

All of these questions need to be considered when you’re planning for your business’ upcoming events in 2020. Whether you have sales or promotions, community events or employee events – we have signage and design options to amp up your brand and your event.

Promotional signing

NCAA Window graphicWhen planning an event, most people think about a promotional banner (like Boulevard banners that can be attached to light poles) and some directional signs at the event but there are so many more options you need to consider. Of course we can help you design and print effective event promotion signage to increase your attendance, but you’ll also need signage and graphics to help improve the event experience for attendees, provide wayfinding and directions throughout the event, promote your brand or sponsors throughout the event, and maps and schedules to be displayed.

The best way to make your 2020 event a success is to make sure it’s well publicized with yard signs, A Frame moveable signs, banners, window decals or vinyl decals. Have you ever seen one of those mobile billboards driving around? A vehicle wrap accomplishes a similar goal but can be used for branding after the event as well.

Event signing

Special Event SignageWhen you’re making your event timeline, make sure you schedule your signage to arrive ahead of the event with enough time to get the word out. But with that plan, you’ll want to consider if you want a very temporary option or something a little more permanent. If you decide on using a more permanent option because it’s going to be up longer or used permanently and updated each year – we can design cover-ups or pre-spaced removable letters into the sign. If you plan on sticking with temporary signage, all of the materials we use don’t damage any surfaces they’re applied to. We can use several different types of materials that are picked to best fit your design, project and placement needs.

Once you have your event promotion planned, the next step is making sure it runs smoothly and your attendees have fun. Have you thought about printing fence mesh to clearly mark where lines should flow or floor graphics with logos and directional arrows? We can also print FomeCor signs on easels for easy displays that can perform double duty – by printing on both sides the signs can be turned around with different messaging for different parts of the event.

Interactive signing

While the duck lips trend might be out, selfies are still very much a thing and social media is important for digital exposure of your brand and event. We can help you design and print a social media photo zone with branded wall murals and large impactful signs to encourage attendees to take photos and post them to social media using your hashtag and tagging your business and event. Photo walls are a great way to get your attendees interacting with your brand in person and online while at your event.

Let’s get started planning for all your 2020 events with promotional and event signage that’ll turns heads, get people talking about your event and keep people talking about your event even after it’s over.