Welcoming some new faces to the WISPI family

Welcome to new WISPI employees

As we get ready to celebrate the holidays and get ready for a great 2020, we’re proud to introduce two new members of our family. They’re joining our accounting and design teams, and we look forward to what they’ll be bringing to the table for our team and our clients.

Chase of WispiChase Butenhoff – Production Designer/Office Assistant

Chase started out her career that led her to WISPI when she attended a fine arts charter school during high school, and from there she moved into graphic design in college. Chase says the size of our team is what drew her to WISPI.

“I’ve worked for big companies before, and I never really liked it. I have always been drawn to the smaller companies because you know everyone you work with and you know all of your higher-ups and there isn’t any uncomfortableness,” Chase said.

She’s excited to gain some experience with our WISPI team as well.

“This is my first graphics related job since graduating, and lucky for me I am getting more than just graphic design experience. I am getting to learn digital printing and vinyl cutting – things I never thought I would get to learn being a graphic designer,” Chase said.

Since we’re all about great-looking design, we asked our two new employees what their favorite color is. Chase’s is burgundy.

Betsy of WISPIBetsy Weese – Accounting Manager

Betsy has an extensive background in the accounting and secretarial fields, and she’s worked in those departments in multiple industries in Wisconsin and Illinois.

When Betsy found WISPI, she was looking for a company in southeast Wisconsin with a solid history and a good work culture.

“I came to find this company genuinely cares about their hardworking staff and their customers,” Betsy said. “They are true to the company values.”

Betsy is excited about her role at WISPI, especially having the opportunity to be part of a strong team of skilled individuals, and that her role will allow her to develop professionally and learn through her experiences with our team.

“I’m also looking forward to broadening my knowledge base of the graphics and manufacturing industry,” Betsy said.

Betsy’s favorite colors are blues and earth tones.

We’re so happy to have these new team members join us to finish up 2019 and start 2020 off strong for our clients.

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