Windows that perform double duty for your business, Window Perfs

Window Perfs produced by WISPI

Making a good first impression is important in any situation, but it is especially important for your business. First impressions set the tone for returning customers and draw new customers in. Windows – whether they are on a storefront or front door, or they’re on your fleet vehicles driving around town – are probably one of the first things your customers see, so why not brand them with quality images? You can work with our designers and staff at Wisconsin Screen Process, Inc. to get just what you need for your business.

Definition: Window Perf

Window Perfs make a great divider and privacy barrier A window perf is a see-thru (perf = perforation) decal that can be put on any size window, from a small vehicle window to a full wall of windows. The window perf can have branding or a design printed on it or it can have different finishes to give the window a different look. Window perfs are a great way to brand your business from the outside.

Advantages of Window Perfs

An important aspect of a window perf is that you can still see out of the window once it’s installed. Storefronts use window perfs on their windows for advertising or branding. We can use digital or standard printing for the window perf to print whatever you want. Logos or designs can be printed on window perfs and laminated to protect the design from UV rays so they do not fade.

Windows are great for adding light to a space, but sometimes that sunlight is too much. That’s another reason window perfs are great for businesses. Window perfs can also help deflect sunlight to the inside while displaying your branding or advertising to the outside.

Why a Window Perf?

Window Perfs at MonsoonIf you’re just looking for privacy for an area with large windows, you don’t have to use a window perf, but if you’re looking to advertise, brand an area, or add privacy while also being able to see out of the window – window perfs are the way to go. Call us to talk about design, finish and installation options.

Vehicle window perfs

Vehicle windows are another great place to install window perfs. Branded window perfs on vehicles get your brand out there while your crews are going about their workday. But they can also help in concealing the contents of vehicles – like expensive equipment or tools. If you’re looking to block out windows for security, printing on the outside is an easy way to add branding to the project.

Non-perforated Window Graphics

Non-perforated window graphics are also a great way to temporarily or permanently change up the look of a space. There are different finishes we can install. With our frosted or crystal finishes, a window graphic can give an area with a lot of windows some privacy. We can also computer cut crystal dusted vinyl to make it look like the glass is etched, adding another dimension to a space. Window graphics can also be cut into different shapes or designs to break up or brand a large window space.

To discuss how we can assist in getting your business fitted with window perfs, contact us today.

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