WISPI expands with addition to Graphic Design Team

Welcome Michelle Hunt to our team

The team here at Wisconsin Screen Process, Inc. is a close-knit family dedicated to providing the best service and products for our customers. And when it came time to expand our Graphic Design team to offer even more options and perspectives to our customers, that person had to fit into our team and bring a lot to the table.

Let us introduce you to the person who fit the bill – Michelle Hunt!

Michelle started working at WISPI in September. She was hired as a Graphic Designer and helps with graphic design and marketing tasks but has jumped into several other roles since joining the WISPI team, including operating a digital printer.

“I hope to learn more about the machines in the shop and will begin training on being an assistant or backup for estimating,” Michelle said. “I am not going to limit my ability to learn new things, and plan to keep adding value where I can.”

Michelle has also jumped into helping with simple tasks on the production floor and helping out with front office tasks.

“I enjoy working with the production crew. I definitely like keeping busy,” Michelle said. “But my favorite thing by far at WISPI is it’s like walking into a second family. The environment is welcoming, and everyone is here to help.”

Michelle Hunt, Graphic DesignerMichelle has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design and started her Graphic Design career in billboard design. She moved into the sign industry — designing and production – where she worked on monument signs, channel letters, interior and exterior signs, 3D designs and environmental designs.

Michelle also has installation experience.

“I would consider myself an intermediate vehicle graphics installer, and I have installation experience with wall graphics, 3D signs, and various vinyl graphics on different surfaces,” Michelle said.

At WISPI, Michelle enjoys creating and setting up vehicle layouts, and also the many unique projects the team works on.

“I really enjoy how many different things come across my desk. It keeps things interesting,” Michelle said.

Expanding the Graphic Design team in 2021 will be great for Michelle, the WISPI team and our clients.

The Graphic Design team is laid back. “Sarah (Savagian, WISPI Senior Graphic Designer) and I have different creative opinions which make for awesome feedback and design capabilities,” Michelle said.

Michelle has a broad range of interests too…which makes sense considering she’s a self-proclaimed “dabbler!”

“I love getting my hands dirty and being crafty, from working on my car to making wire jewelry. In the future, I want to learn how to weld and I am in the process of learning about CNC routers – I plan on getting one in 2021,” Michelle said. “Oh and I love lizards!”

To see what Michelle and Sarah can do with your graphic design needs, give us a call!