Hard Hat Customization Brings New Branding Opportunities

A customer came to us with a unique request; one that we have not tried in the past. But, since we already have the equipment capable of meeting the request, it just made sense to test our abilities.   The request was to directly screen print onto a hard hat. We have always had the ability to apply customized printed and or computer cut decals on pigmented, transparent or reflective vinyl sized to fit onto any portion of the hard hat. Direct screen-printing seemed too difficult since the printed surface is not flat. However, after some testing, we were able to make the screen conform to the hard hat and produce a high quality logo.

WISPI Hard Hat screen print electric

Having your logo or brand screen printed directly onto a hard hat or by applying a decal sized to fit anywhere on a hard hat is beneficial since it can be used for customization, offer additional advertisement for your company and can be used to emphasize safety is a priority.

Including businesses such as rock suppliers, building framers, construction workers, miners, and electrical technicians and more, hard hats for employees and visitors are essential in maintaining the safety needed in the industry. Wisconsin Screen Process, Inc. and the Sign Shoppe can help you maintain safety as well as set your company apart by providing you personalized printing services for your hard hats.