Thermal Die Cutting

Thermal Die Cutting is specifically used to cut pressure sensitive vinyl. It produces similar results to computer cutting, but this method of die cutting is particularly used to produce larger volume runs at a more cost effective rate. Thermal dies do not cut all the way through the liner like a steel rule die.  They make what we call a “kiss cut” which cuts through the vinyl, but leaves the liner intact. The vinyl is cut on a machine using a magnesium die, which is heated to approximately 300°. The combination of the dwell time and the heat of the press cut the desired shape of the vinyl.  We have (2) thermal die cutters that have the capability of cutting maximum piece sizes of 50” x 33” and 93” x 27”.

Wisconsin Screen Process Thermal Die
A sheet after it has been die cut using a thermal die.
Wisconsin Screen Process Thermal Die Cutting
A look at the finished thermal die cut piece after the excess has been weeded away.

Thermal Die Cutting Services

  • Used to cut vinyl without cutting liner
  • Best used for higher quantities
  • Capable of cutting 50” x 33” and 93” x 27” max
Wisconsin Screen Process Vehicle Graphics
Thermal die cut graphics used for WE Energies vehicles.