Applying Vehicle Graphics in Summer

Wisconsin Screen Process Graphics Installation

Applying graphics in the summer heat can be just as challenging as applying graphics in the middle of winter.  Similar to winter applications, it is not impossible but there are things to consider such as the tack or stickiness of the vinyl adhesive increases or that pressure-sensitive vinyl sometimes can adhere to the surface without […]

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Best Placement for Advertising on a Vehicle

Yesterday, a customer came to me with a question regarding the best placement for advertisement on a vehicle. Generally, to make the most impression to your audience, it is ideal to have important information on the rear of the vehicle. If you think about it, when you are sitting at a stoplight or stuck in […]

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An Ordinary Truck Hits the Spotlight

As I was driving home from running errands late last night, I noticed a spotlight highlighting a pick up truck in someone’s driveway. At first I thought the lights intentions were to focus on a flag in the middle of the front lawn but as I got closer to the driveway, a flag post was […]

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Warning, Curves Ahead

Ford_Raptor_Graphic_Installation Wisconsin Screen Process

Recently, I was given the chance to lay out graphics for a 2013 Ford Raptor.  Like any other template, I found an illustrated outline matching closely to the vehicle and applied graphics to it.  Since critical graphics components do not serve a purpose behind an emblem, I believe an illustrated outline is a great way […]

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