Applying Vehicle Graphics in Summer

Wisconsin Screen Process Graphics Installation

Applying graphics in the summer heat can be just as challenging as applying graphics in the middle of winter.  Similar to winter applications, it is not impossible but there are things to consider such as the tack or stickiness of the vinyl adhesive increases or that pressure-sensitive vinyl sometimes can adhere to the surface without […]

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Keeping Window or Vehicle Decals Looking their Best

Last week, I received a call regarding the care of vehicle graphics. Since the lifespan of vinyl graphics is affected by exposure to outdoor elements, this is a very important subject. I know it is very unlikely and unimaginable that a vehicle can stay in a protected bubble…all the time, but there are ways to […]

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Applying Vehicle Graphics in Winter

Applying vehicle graphics in winter can be challenging, but it is not impossible. With the weather lingering at temperatures below 0, one might question how graphics can still be applied to a vehicle especially when the optimal application temperature range is between 50⁰ and 90⁰F (10⁰ to 32⁰ C). The best environment to apply a […]

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Beyond the Boundaries with Window Applications

Wisconsin Screen Process Window Application Pabst

Having created quite a few vehicle templates, I sometimes wonder why people don’t take advantage of window space for graphics, or window applications.  In some cases, I have added it as an option.  Hmmm…you may now be questioning if the window is still functional.  Of course it is! With perforated window vinyl, a person can […]

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