Applying Vehicle Graphics in Summer

Wisconsin Screen Process Graphics Installation

Graphics Installation Finished Goodwill Truck

Applying graphics in the summer heat can be just as challenging as applying graphics in the middle of winter.  Similar to winter applications, it is not impossible but there are things to consider such as the tack or stickiness of the vinyl adhesive increases or that pressure-sensitive vinyl sometimes can adhere to the surface without pressure causing graphic distortion when trying to move the graphic. Granted, the weather cannot be changed but the installation conditions can be improved.

Wisconsin Screen Process Graphics InstallationTo beat the heat, it is ideal to conduct a graphic installation in the evening or early morning. If that is not a possibility, find a place without direct sun exposure.  Vehicle doors should be opened to allow heat to escape. Other ways to cool the surface of the vehicle include either using application fluid or misting smooth surfaces with a garden hose thus allowing graphics to be moved before adhering to the surface. However, this process does not work well for rivet applications or when applying reflective vinyl.

Along with complications of applying vehicles in the heat, there are other factors to consider when apply graphics in the summer which include humidity, dew, condensation and rain. Before applying graphics, the surface must be thoroughly cleaned, as a simple wipe will not be enough. Humid environments pose challenges to vehicle applications as it affects the liner or it leaves dampness on surfaces and makes them a little more challenging to work with.  Even though it is best to beat the heat and apply graphics early in the morning, morning dew must be avoided, as it will trap moisture under the graphics.

Although the weather cannot be changed, application conditions can; thus helping the process of applying vehicle graphics in summer.