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Wall Graphics by WISPI

Every business is unique, and every business has unique needs, especially when it comes to wall graphics and branding. That’s why working with a full-service graphics manufacturer with knowledge of a large variety of materials and how they work for different types of projects, like Wisconsin Screen Process Inc., is important.

When you work with our team at WISPI, we can help design, prototype, produce, inventory and install many different types of graphics on all types of surfaces. One of our valued customers, Carthage College in Kenosha, has a beautiful campus on the shores of Lake Michigan. We’ve worked with them on several projects in all types of needs and surfaces.

“We have been fortunate to provide many beautiful graphics that complement the aesthetics of this amazing academic venue,” WISPI Sales Director Kevin Smith said.

What kind of options are available for wall murals?

Window and Door graphicsWall murals can add branding or change the feel of a space in your business. You can use wall murals for anything from brightening up a space or putting up informational graphics to branding your office, and we can help with all of those options.

At Carthage College we used a specially manufactured vinyl for digital printing that combines an adhesive over laminate that made their graphic attractive, easy to apply and extremely durable. The adhesive comes in several finishes depending on what type of look you’re going for in your space. The adhesive is also engineered for easy removal, so your business doesn’t have to worry about expensive removal costs.

Can you see through window and door graphics?

Window and door graphics can really draw people into your business or venue. Whether you want it to catch someone’s attention or direct them to the correct place to go, we’ve got the material and design for you.

When Carthage College needed large outdoor window graphics for their Field House entrance, we used a vinyl that is digitally compatible so we could print a vibrant and welcoming image on it. We also made sure the materials we used were durable since they would be in a high traffic area and applied easily.

When installing window and door graphics, one of the most important things to consider is whether the colorful design can be impactful from the outside, but also allows an outdoor view from the inside. We used a 3M window perf for Carthage College that worked perfectly for that and was also durable and available in different finishes.

There’s also an etched glass option. We used a 3M Dusted Crystal vinyl at Carthage College that could be computer cut or thermal die cut for the perfect graphic, but also created the etched glass look they were looking for without the expense or permanency.

What are the best materials for outdoor banners?

NCAA Window graphicOutdoor banners are a great way to promote an event or your brand in way that is temporary and transportable. But you have to make sure the material is durable enough to last in the elements – like rain and wind.

At Carthage College we used a scrim banner material that is resistant to tearing and good in the wind. The rigid material and computer cut graphics provide a strong look to the outdoor banner. The images can also be digitally printed and applied to the banner for a high-quality banner with vivid images. If you’re looking for something extra eye-catching, we can use standoffs with the graphics that can be mounted to a wall for a 3-D look.

“Each of these projects required research, analysis and sometimes testing to determine the best materials for the best image for our client,” Smith said. “Wisconsin Screen Process, Inc. can draw from its nearly 50 years of experience to ensure your graphics will meet your highest expectations.”

Call us today to see all of the options we have for making your next graphic project exactly what you imagine and as durable as you need it to be.

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