A Simple Line of Text on a Vehicle Wrap Can Make a Big Difference.

Vehicle Graphics in Racine Wisconsin Screen Process

As I was coming home from a camping trip last weekend…to no surprise, I got stuck in a traffic jam. I wasn’t too upset about it as I wasn’t the one driving; I was the one sight seeing and making sure our camper was still trailing behind us. When being stuck in a traffic jam, it is difficult to not notice the people and the vehicles around you…the person putting on make up or the fancy sports car you wish you had. Anyway, you get the point. In front of us, I noticed a van with graphics on it, a full wrap to be exact. Just looking at this wrap revealed the importance of a vehicle template before its actual production.

Don’t make a mistake like this van did! WISPI will ensure your vehicle graphic has maximum marketing potential.

Don’t get me wrong; the wrap was outstanding with plenty of vibrant colors and graphics but a simple line of text, a phone number, made the wrap lose its impact as a moving marketable message. Now, this phone number was not incorrect in the sense of the number of digits or even the size of the font, but the placement of the phone number could have been flagged as a problem if they had used a vehicle template before it went into production. You see, one of the digits was being cut in half by the double doors. Sure, you may think, “What’s the big deal?” But, if the digit is actually an “8″ but it looks like a “3” because it’s being cropped down the middle–then you have a big problem. Nothing would be more embarrassing to a company than not receiving a phone call due to the phone number being inaccurately displayed on a vehicle.

Our design team at Wisconsin Screen Process, Inc. and the Sign Shoppe can help you avoid this embarrassment by providing you with a vehicle template prior to our production of the final product. Please check out our miscellaneous services page for more information.

3 thoughts on “A Simple Line of Text on a Vehicle Wrap Can Make a Big Difference.

  1. I would venture a guess that there are many designers that would not give this issue a second thought. After all, the wrap does not stop at the edge of the door so you need to provide adequate bleed in these areas to compensate.

  2. Given the case that a whole letter can be cut off merely by a door handle on a tailgate, I believe that it is best to make the customer aware of the details including text being separated by a seam at the time of a template not when the material is being applied even if enough bleed is there to compensate.

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