Best Placement for Advertising on a Vehicle

Yesterday, a customer came to me with a question regarding the best placement for advertisement on a vehicle. Generally, to make the most impression to your audience, it is ideal to have important information on the rear of the vehicle. If you think about it, when you are sitting at a stoplight or stuck in traffic someone has a better chance of viewing information on the back of your vehicle than from the side. With having graphics on the rear of the vehicle, it could be questioned as to what should be displayed, as well as where it should be positioned.

Ideally, the logo, business name, phone number and possibly a website are the most beneficial pieces of information to be featured on the rear of the vehicle. This gives the person behind you enough information about the company to lock into memory. Moreover, having too much information for someone to read may prevent a person from getting the most important information. The type of font used should either be brand specific or a type that is very legible. Regarding the placement of the information, it should be in a place that can be easily viewed without obstruction from items such as a pull-behind trailer. At Wisconsin Screen and The Sign Shoppe, we can help you decide the best placement and sizes for your graphics by providing you a scaled layout of your vehicle.