It’s Not Always Strictly Business with 3M Vinyls

3M Vehicle Graphic Wisconsin Screen Process

In producing the 3M color chart for our website, I was curious to see if any of the colors (such as Apple Green or Raspberry) were used when enhancing the look of a vehicle.  So, I did what anybody else might do and Googled it. Amidst my Google search, there were numerous images of vehicles featuring apple green, raspberry and many other colors provided by 3M. Furthermore, I noticed there are trends in the finishes for full vehicle wraps. Some various finishes include: matte, satin, chrome, carbon fiber, and brushed metal.

Shockingly bright colors like apple green or raspberry aren’t for everyone, though. Some people prefer the lustrous and classy styling of a black vehicle. However, 3M has found a way to put a twist on the typical black vehicle by offering a matte black finish.  So, what’s so special about a matte black vehicle wrap?  It can give a typical vehicle a look that is not only subtle compared to its close relative gloss black, but also it is much simpler to maintain and it has an extremely resilient lifespan.

Satin is also offered, but only in a few colors including black, white, and pearl.  A satin finish has more of a shine than matte, but not as much as gloss.

By producing a material similar to a mirror, 3M takes the shine of a finish one step further by offering chrome as one of its many options. Along with the impressive chrome finishes, 3M offers carbon fiber and brush metal finishes, all of which can make a vehicle stand out amongst the rest.

What color option or finish would you choose?