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WISPI is the name…high-quality graphics and design is our game! In all seriousness, we could give you a laundry list of the services we provide, but there’s nothing new there. What is different about WISPI is when you call our number, you’ll get a human on the other end, and it might even be our Business Leader, Frank. When you start a project with us, you get a full-service experience from design, to production, to installation, delivery, and repeat ordering.

Services WISPI

The screen printing process starts with a woven mesh or a screen being coated with photoreactive emulsion. Once coated and dried, an image is placed on the screen and exposed to light activating the emulsion. The excess emulsion is washed away to reveal a stencil for printing. The screen is loaded onto the press where ink is flooded over the image and transferred onto the substrate with a squeegee. The ink is cured by either air drying or UV light. Since setup is time-consuming, screen printing is best suited for higher quantities.

One benefit of screen printing is a specified color can be matched with great accuracy by mixing inks. Also, screen printing inks can be combined with metallic flakes to achieve a beautiful sparkle finish. Not only do screen printing inks produce beautiful images, but their weather-resistant quality increases durability and reduces the potential for color fading. From vinyl to aluminum panels to plastics, screen printing can be applied to many materials.

Beginning in 2007, we began offering wide format digital printing as an alternative to the traditional screen-printing method. With its undeniable Eco-friendliness and ability to bypass the pre-press stages of screen-printing, digital printing surpasses screen-printing in speed and cost. It is the ideal method of producing small to medium print runs. Additionally, the quality that digital printing can now offer allows the customer much more flexibility to achieve the desired results.

Digital printing gives you the opportunity to personalize the graphics on your next development, whether it is a small application such as a decal on the side of a toolbox or to graphics applied to the sides of a building. The options of substrates are plentiful to fit a wide range of needs. These options include reflective, non-reflective pressure sensitive and magnetic vinyl, perforated material for window applications, static cling and indoor/outdoor banner materials, as well as poster paper.

Digital Printing Services

  • From small applications to large format graphics covering trucks, buildings, etc.
  • Low quantity, low cost four color lifelike images
  • No costly color separated films
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Substrate include pressure sensitive & magnetic vinyl, reflective vinyl, perforated vinyl, static cling, Indoor/outdoor banner material, poster paper

Computer Cutting Services

  • Kiss cutting reflective or non-reflective pressure sensitive and repositionable vinyl
  • Cuts customized variable copy such as simple shapes around logos or images and text within or around the logo or image itself
  • Eliminates background matching

Steel Rule Die Cutting Services

  • Best for tight tolerance or specific shape requirements
  • Cuts selective adhesive for overlays with clear windows or touchscreens
  • Substrates include Lexan, polyester, sintra, styrene, aluminum
  • Maximum capacities are 33” x 52” and 30 mil thickness

Thermal Die Cutting Services

  • Used to cut vinyl without cutting liner
  • Best used for higher quantities
  • Capable of cutting 50” x 33” and 93” x 27” max
  • Custom design services
  • Includes designs for branding, vehicle wraps, safety decals, etc.
  • Creative expertise to make your ideas happen