Head-Turning Results with Reflective Vinyl

Reflective vinyl

Last night, I was stopped at a stoplight on my way back from the grocery store.  While I was waiting for the light to turn green, I couldn’t help but notice the vehicles passing by.  One of the vehicles stood out; it was a semi.  The graphics on the side of the trailer lit up as it passed the intersection; it was actually pretty cool!

As some may not realize, a great way to get nighttime exposure is to use reflective vinyl instead of non-reflective vinyl. The reflective material will “turn heads” at night as it appears to glow in the dark and reflect back when illuminated by headlights.  If you think about it, the graphics on vehicles (or in this case, the side of a trailer) serve a purpose during the day, why not extend their purposes throughout the night.   In other words, imagine your vehicle as a moving billboard that advertises at night.  Whether it is for a business or for personal use, the benefits of reflective vinyl can enhance your vehicle at night even if it is with a simple pinstripe or an intense design.  Along with the benefit of enhancing the vehicle, this same reflective material may also prevent an accident.

At Wispi, we not only have the capability to cut pigmented reflective vinyl, but also screen or digital print on reflective vinyl and computer cut it to the graphic or lettering desired.