What are Ghost Graphics?

With Halloween just around the corner, I would love to share the term, “Ghost Graphics” when referring to reflective graphics. “Ghost Graphics” is not a new type of reflective vinyl but is a clever use of standard reflective vinyl, which is being used by Police Departments as they are working skillfully to catch a speeder in action. With speeders cautiously slowing down to the standard vibrant reflective graphics of an upcoming police vehicle, law officers took an existing product and have cleverly used it to their advantage.

Generally, when creating reflective graphics for a police vehicle, contrasting colors are used to make them more visible and easy to read. However with “Ghost Graphics,” the purpose of the graphics on the vehicle is to do just the opposite. It is to blend in with the vehicle. By blending reflective vinyl with the vehicle, non-printed white reflective vinyl computer cut with the police departments jurisdiction would be applied to a white patrol car while black would be applied on black. This application known as “Ghost Graphics” can be seen vaguely during the day but is fully operative at night since it reflects lights as any other reflective graphic would.