Custom Decals, Labels, and Warning Stickers

Warning labels and OEM decals

WISPI provides custom decals for your OEM needs

In recent months we’ve found virtual alternatives for many aspects of business, but there’s no virtual substitute when it comes to parts—or labels—that are needed on the production line.

Once you start looking for decals and labels, you’ll see them everywhere. On your snowblower, the inside door panel of your vehicle or equipment at your doctor’s office. You’ll find brand identification, safety information, warnings, reflectors, even basic operating instructions and product identification conveyed on custom decals or specialty labels.

But they’re not just the icing on the cake; labels and decals are integral components with the potential to save lives. On the bill of materials for a product like a heavy-duty trailer, safety and other decals are just as important as the wheels.

Stakes are high in manufacturing. Missing decals for brand identification or safety can prevent goods from reaching the customer on time, cause a cascade of delays, and damage your reputation.

It doesn’t have to happen that way—not with the right supplier. In a marketplace filled with potential suppliers of various qualifications, you have a choice. All you have to do is cut through the noise and find the right partner.

That’s where we can help. WISPI can do it all—fast and accurately—offering design services at no charge and producing durable top-quality custom decals and labels. Our in-depth knowledge comes from years of experience and specialized training.

You could say we’re obsessed with quality. Sure, we’re committed to delivering a quality product, using top-flight materials, inks, and precision processes, but more than that, we’re committed to providing a product that performs wherever it’s used and holds up throughout the useful life of your manufactured product.

Your products face challenging conditions, and we have solutions.

  • Complex products and machinery require clearly visible instructions so they can be operated correctly and warnings to protect users from injury. Fading, distortion, delaminating, and peeling are unacceptable for control panel identifications, operation instructions, warning reflectors and informational decals. WISPI will help you stay in compliance with durable products and fast delivery.
  • Frequent disinfection and cleaning is needed for many types of equipment today—from food handling to medical instrumentation to fitness equipment—in order to protect health. Don’t let powerful cleaners wipe away critical information from your product labels. WISPI’s production team has the expertise to ensure your labels and decals will stay vibrant and easy to read no matter how often they’re cleaned with strong chemicals.
  • Tough environments and harsh scrubbing are normal conditions for many graphics products. Emergency crews, truckers and others trust their lives every day to the graphics on their trailers and equipment—warning signs, reflectors, identification, instructions and cautions for safely. These decals are in a tough environment and have to stand up to frequent harsh scrubbing and power washes as well as road grime, snow and salt, oil, and temperature extremes—without any signs of wear.

As a manufacturer, you have to anticipate the worst conditions your product will face and ensure that reflective warning labels remain bright and undamaged and safety decals stay readable and securely in place throughout the life of your product. We’ll work with you to recommend substrates, adhesives, inks, and printing methods that will meet or exceed your specs and keep your delivery schedule on time.

Starting a new product line that’s still in prototyping? Tell us what you need. No order is too large or too small. We’ll work with you to develop decals and labels for optimal performance on your product to meet your goals. WISPI delivers for you whether you need small quantities or single-piece orders during the start-up phase or large quantities at full production.

Extra value: fast delivery, no-charge design services, production support

In addition to quality products, flexible order quantities, and dependable delivery, WISPI offers fast delivery, to ensure your product is there when you need it. And you have access to the services of our in-house team of talented designers. They’ll refine your artwork as needed or create something new to meet your vision—at no charge.

We’re here to make your life easier, with extra services to support your production. Label kitting and  prepackaging in accordance with your production needs prevents you from running short. We create custom catalogs that spec all sizes, shapes, and material requirements for your labels across all product lines to simplify ordering. And we have storage and incremental release options so you can secure best pricing and immediate availability, releasing product to you as needed.

And then there are the intangibles, like working with a supplier who keeps their promises, a company with a warm, can-do spirit that gets the job done well. People like to work with people they like, and you’ll find we’re a likable bunch. Give us a call and get to know us. We’re ready to help you tackle your toughest custom decals and warning label production and performance challenges.