Turnkey Graphics Solutions To Assist Upfitters

Turnkey graphics solutions to assist upfitters

Upfitters, graphics, and installation
Upfitters are those wizards of transformation that turn ordinary vehicles into highly specialized units ready to help teams become masters of efficiency having all the right tools, equipment and supplies at hand. Much upfitting ensures optimum access to tools and gear inside and outside the vehicle, but for many fleets, customization continues with exterior graphics—branding that does double duty as mobile advertising.

If you’re an upfitter, you already know all the customization benefits you bring to your customers. And you also know the challenges you face because the exterior graphics kit is often the last customization element to be ordered. This is where the nerves kick in and you start to sweat, because this one final step has the potential to hold up delivery of the completed vehicle order.

Your customer’s satisfaction, repeat business, and your reputation depend on receiving the exterior graphics and getting them installed quickly—and perfectly—so you can deliver on time. That’s precisely where WISPI can help.

When WISPI provides exterior graphics, worries and hassles disappear and your life gets simpler. You get delivery that is fast and dependable, top-flight material and installation quality, in-house design expertise, and valuable insights that only come through experience. From small decals to 53-foot semi-trailer graphics for a single unit or a fleet, you know that your order will be right in every way. With WISPI on your team you can simplify your customers’ lives with a smooth turnkey solution and added value.

  • Timing. Our regular delivery is lightning fast, but as your supplier of choice, we can inventory your graphics products to provide immediate or just-in-time delivery. What’s more, we don’t charge to inventory the product until your orders are released. No more worries over last-minute orders, no delays waiting for the graphics, and no missed deadlines (now you can actually enjoy your weekends). It’s a win for you—immediate availability when you need it—and a win for your customer—with no inventory expense.
  • Installation. For a single unit or fleet of thousands, our installers can get the job done. We use high quality 3M products and because we’re also 3M certified, the finished product carries a 3M warranty for both material and workmanship. You get an assurance of quality—longer life, less fading or peeling—and peace of mind knowing 3M backs the product.
  • Brand Standards. Your customer’s brand is in your hands. We ensure consistency throughout, meeting or exceeding all specs–colors, design attributes, logos, sizes, signage standards—even the finishes and lamination specs so that the decals or wraps stay vivid and peel-free over time. Our experience with UV laminates ensures that we use the right coating to make your design last.
  • Design Services. Our in-house design team supports you all the way, at no cost, so that you get a top-quality outcome for your order. We maintain standards and records, ensuring installation instructions and specs are adapted to any make, model, and year of vehicle because even small physical changes from one model year to the next can mean refinements are needed in the graphics. Efficient use of materials matters; so we’ll share modifications suggestions, with no loss of design integrity, to improve material usage and reduce your costs.
  • Collective Wisdom. We’ve been in this business a long time—more than 50 years. Our team has decades of experience and a knack for creative problem-solving, along with extensive training on the latest equipment and technology, backed up by certifications on materials and processes.

We can’t help but apply insights gained through experience to each new project that comes along, like the change we suggested to a customer that had been using a partial graphics wrap in addition to a custom partial paint job on their fleet vehicles. We suggested switching to a full graphics wrap instead. The customer not only saved money on the vehicle identification but also found that the resale value of the vehicles went up when they were retired from the fleet because, with the graphics removed, the vehicles were a single, standard color instead of a customized two-tone.

For corporate fleet managers, WISPI offers you the same benefits of quality, performance, design support, delivery and inventory support as well as timely and professional installation of all sizes and types of graphics. Regardless of the upfitters that you work with, specify WISPI as your supplier of choice and breathe easier knowing that your brand colors, image, and specs are in good hands. You’ll have the assurance of consistency and quick delivery while knowing that all elements of your brand are maintained.