QR codes and uses in the industrial world

Wispi helps produce decals with QR Codes that direct machine operators to your website when they need parts and service

If we learned anything in 2020/2021 (otherwise known as the Covid years) it was how to scan a QR Code with our phones. Restaurants were the leaders in making us use them to access their menus. So now that we all know how to use them as consumers, how can we bring that technology to life in the business world?

What if you are an industrial machine manufacturer and you want to increase your sale of parts? Why not give your customers access to where those parts can be found, right on the machine that the parts will need to go?

Here’s how it works.

Before you ship your new product to your customer, follow these simple steps:

  • Have your print vendor (aka, WISPI) create a QR code that links to the Parts page, or contact page on your website
  • Have your print vendor (aka, WISPI) print that QR code on a sticker or decal
  • Have your print vendor (aka, WISPI) ship those decals to you just in time to apply them to the machine prior to delivery
  • Educate your customer on how easy it is to get in contact with you when they need parts or service work

Trust us, the end user of your product isn’t going to remember who they ordered their machine from. But, if there is a decal that they look at everyday telling them if they ever need parts or service work to scan here, there is an increased probability that they contact you.

For help with getting this project accomplished on your products, or if you’re simply interested in how WISPI makes the best hot fudge sundaes, reach out; we’re always interested in talking.