There is no need for a freelance graphic designer when you work with WISPI

Quality Graphics from WISPI

We offer free graphic design for customers that partner with us as their full-service graphics manufacturer.

WISPI’s professional graphic design team can help create, edit and streamline your graphics, from start to finish. Designing graphics through to the delivery of a finished product, our turnaround time is fast and even faster when we inventory your product for quick release as needed.

Experience & Precision Standards

Working with WISPI’s design team will ensure your brand standards are upheld and maintain your specifications. Our lead designer, Sarah, currently has 18 years of experience working with OEM Graphics. “We’ve honed our knowledge and expertise so that we can confidently develop product labels for any type of OEM application…using dependable processes to deliver consistent product results time after time.” WISPI keeps records and hard copy samples to ensure that future orders will be consistent and easy to fulfill with no worries over matching colors, fonts, or finishes.

“Calling out Pantone colors in a design is always the best method to keep colors consistent,” says Sarah. “We can match to any color using screen printing inks.” While ANSI colors are most commonly standard across OEM decals, WISPI can color match digitally printed colors and screen-printed colors.

As part of the design process, we offer different design options as needed and are willing to create samples for client approval.  We are ready to help with one-off prototypes, full production runs, and low volume high mix runs.

Your design—as a rough idea or a clearly defined brand specification—is the starting point for collaboration. We are detail driven—including catching errors in spelling or in critical contact information. We can make refinements as needed and suggest production options that will result in high quality, complex, precision-controlled graphics. “We can even advise clients about what would look best when using certain materials and processes,” says Sarah. .


We know the best way to create designs that work hand-in-hand with our equipment and processes. This provides the optimum results, including efficiencies in materials and costs, while making the most of our capabilities. We can recommend installation methods and can suggest ways to improve handling.

Having a complimentary in-house design team not only can reduce your costs but eliminates the delay and hassle that can occur when having to transfer tiles from one vendor to another.

Rapid turnaround

Response time can make or break a customer relationship. Our quick response time often saves our customers time and money. We aim to turn most designs around in a day or two, and more complex projects within a week. During the process, we work closely with our customers, gather their feedback, and make adjustments to meet their approval. There is no communication gap or third party to confuse details. Our design team is there through the entire process.  Since we are all located under one roof, we can quickly transition from the design phase into production.

Beyond design

We design with functionality in mind, which can make installation easier. Take vehicle wraps for example. We use pre-scaled vehicle templates to design graphics that fit the specific layout and contours of various vehicle makes and models. These help customers visualize the final product as well as assist installers to apply the graphics.  WISPI has all the bases covered, manufactured parts or systems, vehicle graphic kits or OEM Parts kits. We even simplify ordering for our customers by creating a customized parts catalog. The catalog includes all your specs and decals of all available sizes and versions that have been previously produced. On top of simplifying the ordering process we offer our graphic services at no charge with an order commitment.

We love the challenge of bringing your vision to life. Give us a call and let our team help you on your next project.