What Separates WISPI? Our Work Environment

The need for vehicle graphics, OEM, and safety decals isn’t going anywhere. Even as times change, safety and protocols continue to be high priorities for businesses and organizations.

As a result, solutions are necessary for vehicles and machinery to be clearly identified, especially in cases of emergencies or accidents. With the increased demand for vehicle and machine identification, how are businesses with these needs supposed to decide on who to best partners with? At WISPI, we understand our customers and their needs, and quite frankly get it, that’s what drives everything we do. In order to successfully execute our customer’s need for a responsive and flexible graphics manufacturer, we have to promote important culture values within our team’s work environment.

WISPI values producing the highest quality product for our customers with accuracy. That means working to meet their timelines. In order to do that, we must promote creative problem-solving while being prompt to respond when needs arise. When a customer calls, there is a knowledgeable team member on the other line who is ready to consult with you, design or produce what’s needed, and answer your questions. However, the key to doing this is mixing in the proper amount of laughter and shenanigans into our internal working relationships! That’s right – one of the main differentiators WISPI has from any other full service graphics manufacturer is the positive working environment and culture on our team. Adding fun into the mix makes all the difference not only for the environment here at Wispi, but for our customers.

Here’s what some team members shared about the working environment.

What are 3 words you would use to describe WISPI?

It’s friendly, fun, and easy-going! – Jodi, 1 year

What is the best part of your job?

The best part is being around people I work with. – Jim, 25 years

What do you enjoy most about working at WISPI?

The best part is the people. Everyone is nice and easy to get along with. It is a great atmosphere. – Lance, 19 years

What has been your proudest moment/favorite memory at WISPI So far?

Our team was able to execute a significant growth year during turbulent times in the global economy. – Frank, owner

Why do you think WISPI is a good place to work?

The flexibility, close to home and great coworkers. It’s really cool when I see things that we have done around town, like the United Mechanical or the Milaeger’s trucks. – Angela, 17 years

What do you like about working at WISPI?

I enjoy the variety. One day you might be cutting vinyl decals and the next designing a vehicle layout. – Sarah, 20 years

Overall, WISPI is a great place to work, offering a supportive and positive environment for our employees. With its commitment to providing excellence customer service, and a focus on employee satisfaction, WISPI is setting a high standard for other companies. WISPI is an organization that cares about its people and is dedicated to creating a positive and productive workplace.