Graphic Wrapped Toolboxes Opens New Doors for Branding

Snap-On presented us the opportunity to wrap one of their toolboxes. While certain people may wonder why cover the classic red or black toolboxes presented by Snap-On, there are many benefits to applying graphics to a toolbox. Vinyl wraps help prevent the damage to paint against general wear and tear including scratches or chips. Once […]

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Does Your Logo Have What it takes?

Recently, we received a request to come up with a new logo for a business. When creating the fresh logo, I felt I needed to go back to the basics and determine “What really makes a great logo?” In doing some research online to refresh and confirm my thoughts, I came up with 4 important […]

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Are You Qualified for a Vehicle Graphics Rebate by Chrysler?

Palmen's Business Link 2014 Dodge Promaster

If you are in the market for a new vehicle for your business, you might want to check out the exciting graphics promotion Chrysler is offering.  After creating and producing a vehicle graphic for a 2014 Dodge ProMaster for a customer, Chrysler’s unique commercial graphics program was brought to our attention.  Presently and lasting to […]

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Digital Printing Versus Screen Printing

For every printed order we receive, we have the opportunity to choose between digital printing and screen printing, (besides heat transfer printing). Our choice is not a flip of a coin; rather we base our decision on what is appropriate for the order. Even though both digital printing and screen printing place ink on material […]

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What Color is in Your Brand?

WISPI Color Branding Racine WI

At times, I come across a job ticket with distinct colors that are different than those presented by the Pantone Matching System (PMS) colors or Process colors. Even though PMS colors or other standard colors are very dominant in the printing industry, it has been known for some organizations to produce their own distinct brand […]

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Lord of the Files

Raster Versus Vector - Wisconsin Screen Process

As a graphic designer for a printing company, nearly every day on the job I get asked, “What kind of file should I send you for my order?” Understandably, artwork files can be pretty overwhelming since there are so many varieties.  But basically all those files pretty much boil down into two categories, raster and […]

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The “POP” in POP Graphics Display Racks

Displays that POP! Wisconsin Screen Process

Before my employment at Wisconsin Screen Process, Inc. and the Sign Shoppe, I had experience working in a retail environment.  During that time, I was responsible for installing and ensuring that our retail store fixtures including signage, back-lit signs, banners, floor and wall graphics as well as window graphics met all of the requirements provided […]

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