Let’s Talk Equipment Decals…the Heavy-Duty Kind

Heavy-Duty Decals for Edgerton Contractors

Equipment decals serve many purposes. They are essential elements of heavy machinery that can identify a manufacturer’s brand, label control panels, and/or contain vital safety information to help reduce risk and liability. But the critical nature of equipment decals can easily become an after-thought among so many other considerations found throughout the manufacturing process – […]

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WISPI Welcomes Back Kevin Smith as Director of Sales

Wisconsin Screen Process Hires Kevin Smith as Sales Director

After three years as a semi-retired Floridian working as an independent sales representative for us, Kevin Smith has officially been re-hired as WISPI’s Sales Director – a position he previously held for over 20 years. Although he never truly left our team, we are still absolutely thrilled to welcome Kevin back to this key leadership […]

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In Need of Quality Vehicle & Fleet Graphic Wraps?

Milwaukee Tool Vehicle Graphic Wraps

In a recent study by Grand View Research, the number of US marketing dollars being spent on vehicle and fleet graphic wraps continues to climb on a yearly basis – from $1.62 billion in 2015 to an estimated $10.8 billion by 2025. Why spend so much money on vehicle graphic wraps? The short answer is…because […]

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Short-Run Printing: Is It Right for Your Company?

Short-Run Printing: Is it right for your company?

One-size-fits-all standards are rarely good fits for everyone. At large commercial printers, however, these are often enforced because it’s the most cost-effective method of production. But is this really the right option for your company? Having to purchase a minimum quantity for each print order just doesn’t make sense for every business. In fact, many […]

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What are Ghost Graphics?

With Halloween just around the corner, I would love to share the term, “Ghost Graphics” when referring to reflective graphics. “Ghost Graphics” is not a new type of reflective vinyl but is a clever use of standard reflective vinyl, which is being used by Police Departments as they are working skillfully to catch a speeder […]

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Polycarbonate Material by Lexan, Explained

Before working with Wisconsin Screen Process, I never realized how much Lexan, a material made of a rugged polycarbonate, is used. What is polycarbonate? Surprisingly enough, this substrate is actually seen everywhere from control panels on gym equipment to nameplates on a toolbox or even to the surface of a safety decal.  While working at […]

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Applying Vehicle Graphics in Summer

Wisconsin Screen Process Graphics Installation

Applying graphics in the summer heat can be just as challenging as applying graphics in the middle of winter.  Similar to winter applications, it is not impossible but there are things to consider such as the tack or stickiness of the vinyl adhesive increases or that pressure-sensitive vinyl sometimes can adhere to the surface without […]

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Keeping Window or Vehicle Decals Looking their Best

Last week, I received a call regarding the care of vehicle graphics. Since the lifespan of vinyl graphics is affected by exposure to outdoor elements, this is a very important subject. I know it is very unlikely and unimaginable that a vehicle can stay in a protected bubble…all the time, but there are ways to […]

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