Build, Grow, & Refine with Custom Decals for Automation Equipment

Custom Decals for automation equipment

Over 100 years ago, assembly lines and specialized factory workers were the name of the game, but in the modern times we live in…a much more sophisticated model of manufacturing rules the roost: automation. The use of automated equipment, robots, and smart technology has revolutionized the manufacturing industry, boosting production outputs while minimizing labor costs […]

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Screen Printing 3M Certification Received

Screen Printing room at WISPI

WISPI’s products, service, 3M Certification help you improve your products, business Why do we keep improving and making sure our products and processes are certified (including our new 3M certification) to meet the highest quality and standards? So we can help you by offering the best products and service to keep improving your business. To […]

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The Visuals of Event Promotion

event promotion signage

Well-designed and branded signs can do more than promote your event Hey! Yeah you…we have a question for you. When you’re driving around, what types of event promotion signs catch your attention? Are they signs that try to start a conversation like how we got you to start reading? Are they full of flashy colors […]

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Welcoming some new faces to the WISPI family

Welcome to new WISPI employees

As we get ready to celebrate the holidays and get ready for a great 2020, we’re proud to introduce two new members of our family. They’re joining our accounting and design teams, and we look forward to what they’ll be bringing to the table for our team and our clients. Chase Butenhoff – Production Designer/Office […]

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We Have The Right Material For Your Wall Graphics

Wall Graphics by WISPI

Every business is unique, and every business has unique needs, especially when it comes to wall graphics and branding. That’s why working with a full-service graphics manufacturer with knowledge of a large variety of materials and how they work for different types of projects, like Wisconsin Screen Process Inc., is important. When you work with […]

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