WISPI Welcomes Back Kevin Smith as Director of Sales

Wisconsin Screen Process Hires Kevin Smith as Sales Director

After three years as a semi-retired Floridian working as an independent sales representative for us, Kevin Smith has officially been re-hired as WISPI’s Sales Director – a position he previously held for over 20 years.

Although he never truly left our team, we are still absolutely thrilled to welcome Kevin back to this key leadership role within our business.

In the spirit of celebrating his return, we sat down with Kevin Smith to gain his perspective on what it means to once again serve as part of our executive staff.

“Kevin is a great person and a true professional. It’s nice to have him back in the building, contributing to WISPI’s success by further supporting our current customers and promoting our services to new businesses in need of help.” – Nico Meiland, WISPI CEO & President

First of all, Kevin, congratulations! Let’s start with a bit of background. How did you first come to work at WISPI?

Kevin: Well, I started with WISPI in 1992. I was working in sales for a Chicago-based food supplier when my accountant heard of an opening at a commercial printer in Racine. He happened to pass the information along to me, I applied purely out of curiosity. At the time, I was pretty happy with what I was doing.

I went in for an interview and was quite surprised by the opportunity, so I gladly accepted the position when they offered it to me. I’m so glad that I did – time sure flies when you’re having fun!

Having been here before, how has the transition gone stepping into your former role as Sales Director?

Kevin: It certainly means a lot to be away for several years yet be welcomed back with open arms. As far as my role at WISPI goes, it’s the challenge that comes with real responsibility that I embrace.

If you ask my wife, she would tell you I’m a competitive person, which I believe helps keep me motivated to succeed. Although, my wife might say it just makes me a difficult tennis partner.

To return to your question, the transition has been smooth, and I’m looking forward to getting to know customers I haven’t worked with to learn how we can support them best. That’s my favorite part of the job. I have always enjoyed the interaction with our customers.

What are a few of your specific duties as Director of Sales?

Kevin: Directing sales isn’t all about numbers; it’s about building strong relationships. As Sales Director at WISPI, I’m in charge of setting goals, but I’m also assisted by a terrific Inside Sales Manager who helps me maintain our current customer base to ensure our business grows.

Overall, it’s a great job full of diverse experiences. We have a wide range of customers nationwide, so one day you’ll be in an office meeting with Executive VPs and the next you’ll be hanging out on a shop floor covered in grease. I really enjoy that aspect of it.

What do you believe WISPI does best?

Kevin: Quality and service, above all else. The truth is, any commercial printer can offer a fair price, but we really have our customers’ backs at WISPI. It’s a detail-oriented industry with really no margin for error.

We pride ourselves in delivering powerful results for our clients, and if an issue does come up at any point (from ordering to invoicing), we are going to do everything we can to resolve it right away. Everyone at WISPI believes in putting our customers first. It’s built right into our culture, and all of us in the organization are aligned with the same goal.

This culture is created by the owner, Nico Meiland. He drives the mission of safety, environment, quality, and customer service.

Our employees are highly skilled and cross-trained to assist in other areas of production, so we can be agile in reacting to our customers’ lead times. This really helps to alleviate bottle necks in our workflow, as well.

Lastly, how ready are you to get to work?

Kevin: I’m really looking forward to having conversations over the phone, in email, or on social media with people who are interested in our services. WISPI is a great company, and I’m ready to once again contribute in a role that I’m very familiar with.

Congratulations, Kevin, and Welcome Back!

We’re very happy to have Kevin Smith as part of our executive team going forward. Please join us in offering him a warm welcome back to WISPI! If you’d like to get in touch our Sales Director, please feel free to drop him an email today!

For general questions and more information on our high-quality printing services, please contact us online today or give us a call at 262-639-0990.